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How to Move Artwork

Preparing Artwork for the Gainesville Moving Process

Paintings, antiques and sculptures all work together to make your home unique. Whether you have valuable pieces of art or just really treasure your garage sale find, it is important that all of these objects arrive to your new house in one piece. Allow an experienced Gainesville moving company to protect your artwork for you. If you prefer to pack it yourself, here are some helpful tips to make sure it arrives safely.

Choose the Right Packing Material

For paintings and artwork with a glass frame, begin by applying two pieces of tape in the shape of a large X on the glass to prevent cracks. Frames should then be wrapped in bubble wrap and drop cloths. Be sure to avoid using stretch wrap if you have not first applied drop cloths. Otherwise, you could risk causing wear and tear or smearing oil paint.

Pack Art Pieces in Boxes

When packing picture frames, mirrors and paintings, place them in cardboard boxes vertically so they will absorb pressure better than if they are placed horizontally. Add in linens or stuffed animals to keep pieces in place and to prevent them from hitting each other. While it is okay to use reused cardboard boxes, you should make sure they are clean and sturdy. If you have an unusually large painting, cut apart and flatten used cardboard boxes to create a structure that is slightly bigger than the frame itself. Keep in mind that some art, such as oil paintings, is temperature dependant and therefore, should be kept outside in the elements for the shortest period possible during the Gainesville moving process.

Protect Unusually Shaped Items

Most decor, trinkets and wall hangings can be bubble wrapped and placed in designated boxes that have an inventory written on the outside. For items that are particularly fragile, you will want to find individual boxes that are only a couple inches larger than the statue or object itself. Whenever possible, disassemble pieces to decrease the pressure on the rest of the figure. Next, wrap the entire figurine in bubble wrap, paying close attention to small appendages. Then place the item vertically inside the box and insert packing peanuts, newspaper or linens to prevent it from shifting around within the box.

Movers in Gainesville, FL

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