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How to Protect Most-Often Damaged Items During a Move

Protecting Fragile Items During a Gainesville Move

One of the worst things that can happen when you arrive at your new home after a move is to find out that your belongings have become damaged or destroyed during the moving process. Even with the assistance of trusted Gainesville moving companies, it is important to take extra precautions to protect your possessions.


Artwork is typically some of the most fragile and expensive belongings you own. Therefore, it is vital that you pack art properly. If pieces are packed in boxes with excess room, the cardboard will collapse in due to the weight of nearby boxes and damage your artwork. Prevent gaps by lining the boxes with crumpled paper, wrapping the art in bubble wrap and filling in any holes with more paper.

Drinking Glasses

In order to protect drinking and wine glasses, the first step involves acquiring the right type of boxes. Choose double thick-walled cardboard boxes and, if possible, purchase cardboard dividers as well. Wrap each glass individually in packing paper as you would a burrito. For additional support, use about three pieces of paper on each glass. Then place glasses vertically in the cardboard box. Make sure that you write “fragile” on the outside so that your Gainesville movers will know to be careful with it.


The biggest mistake you can make when packing plates is to directly place plates in a box without any additional cushion. Instead, begin by lining the bottom of your box with packing paper. Then, wrap each plate with about three sheets of packing paper. Place them vertically inside the box with more packing paper on top. If you have more space left over, add another layer of plates and finish off with more crumpled paper. Write “fragile” in permanent marker on the outside of the box so your moving company Gainesville, FL, residents recommended won’t place it at the bottom of a stack or allow it to be jostled during transport.


When packing a mirror, never place the mirror in a box with the front facing the wall of the cardboard box without protection. If you do, your mirror will surely break. Instead, wrap the mirror in bubble wrap or paper and secure it with tape. Then choose a thin box to place the mirror in and surround it with crumpled packing paper.

Wine Bottles

In order to protect wine and liquor bottles, get a free divided cardboard box from the liquor store. Your first step should be to use plenty of tape to ensure structural integrity of the box. Make sure that each bottle is properly closed and tape down the tops so they will not leak during the moving process. Next, wrap each bottle in three sheets of packing paper and place them in the dividers. If there is any space remaining in between the dividers and the bottles, add extra packing paper.

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