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How to Move Firearms, Ammo & Accessories

Tips for Transporting Guns During a Move

Many people own firearms, however, not every gun owner may be aware of how to properly transport firearms, ammunition and gun accessories during a move. Different restrictions and regulations apply depending on the state in which you live and whether the move is a local one or across state lines. In order to avoid penalties or charges, gun owners must check the gun transportation laws that apply to them. If you’re in need of a moving company Gainesville, FL, residents can rely on, contact the UF Mover Guys.

Transporting Firearms & Ammo in Your Vehicle

Gun owners have the right to transport their firearms themselves if they choose to. However, they must take certain measures if they do not possess a concealed weapon license. In the state of Florida, a person transporting a firearm in their car without a license must:

  • Have the firearm unloaded
  • Securely store the firearm in a locked case
  • Keep ammunition stored separately from the firearms
  • Keep the firearm out of reach, such as in the trunk of the vehicle

When transporting a firearm across state lines, owners must check that they comply with the firearm laws and regulations set in place by that state. Usually, the firearm will have to be stored in the same manner as without a concealed weapon license.

Transporting Firearms & Ammo with a Moving Company

Most licensed Gainesville movers can transport your firearms if you need them to. However, apart from the state laws that apply to them as well, most moving companies have separate rules in place to ensure safety. These include:

  • Combustible items cannot be transported which includes ammunition
  • Firearms must be unloaded and properly stored for transportation
  • Crates cannot indicate in anyway that firearms are stored inside

Transporting Firearms & Ammo by Commercial Air Carrier

The TSA is very strict on the types of objects that can be transported and how they are transported. Failing to adhere to such regulations can lead to delays, fines, penalties, and incidents. In order to avoid any complications, you must comply with local, state, and international laws depending on where you are traveling to. When transporting a firearm and ammunition through a commercial air carrier you must:

  • Declare each firearm as checked baggage
  • Ask your airline about any limitations or fees
  • Have the firearm locked inside a hard case and unloaded
  • Have all ammunition in checked baggage
  • Have all ammunition stored in suitable packaging and not loose
  • Have all firearm parts in checked baggage

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