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How to properly pack fragile items

If you’re moving your own household, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. As you walk through the house, you may also be realizing that you own more fragile stuff than you thought. Whether you’re moving a set of fine china or your prized collection of shotglasses from all around the country, it’s important to pack your delicate items with care. Here are some tips to help you keep your priceless art, expensive electronics, and humorous framed prints intact during the move.
Lightweight Boxes and Clear Labeling
Remember that other people are likely to handle the boxes at some point, so you want to clearly mark them as fragile. Mark all sides of the box, and put arrows showing which end goes up. As you pack, take care not to overload the box. The weight from items in the top can easily crush items towards the bottom. It’s better to have a box filled with extra stuffing and newspapers than it is to unwrap broken items when you arrive at your destination.
Get Creative with Packing Material
You don’t have to buy special packing material like bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts, although these are highly effective. You can also use newspaper to wrap your glass items. Another option is to use the towels and bedding from around your home to protect your belongings and save on boxes. If you use bedding and towels, choose items that are an appropriate size. Wrapping a teacup in a king-size sheet is wasteful and will lead to the cup breaking as you search for it. However, you can easily wrap china dishes in a hand towel or use a blanket to pad a television.
Protection from Movement and the No-Man’s Land
You want the items in the box to be protected from movement, and you also want a safety zone around the full perimeter of the box. This safety zone, or no-man’s land, will protect your valuables in the event that something is pushed into the box. Use crushed newspapers or even pillows along the bottom and sides. Fill the space in the top with more packing material. As you put items in place, shift them around to fill the space and prevent items from movement.Once you have everything safely packed, you’re ready to call in the moving team. Watch the marked boxes to ensure that they are placed on the top of stacks. Never place heavy items on top of boxes marked fragile. Ensure that they’re secured in the truck by strapping them against the sidewalls, and they should be ready to safely make the move.
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