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Knowing and Understanding Your Rights as a Mover

Moving can be a frustrating and tiresome task. People reach out to moving companies in order to help pack, load and move their belongings.

While some people may experience no problems with the moving company that they have recruited, you may encounter problems or conflicts with the selected carrier. When these situations occur, you need to know their rights and responsibilities.

These rights and responsibilities are made known in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Also documented in the FMCSA are rules and regulations that licensed and insured certified moving companies must adhere to.

Gainesville Mover understands the rules and regulations required by the FMCSA. Using the information below, consumers are able to understand their rights.

Estimated Charges

Two types of estimate charges are binding estimates and non-binding estimates.

A binding estimate is a written agreement that states that you and your selected moving company are bound by the charges. This estimate uses quantities and services to secure the cost of the move.

A non-binding estimate is what your mover assumes the cost of your move will be. All of the cost details of your move are estimated.

This estimate should state that the actual cost of your move is going to be based on the weight of your items as well as any additional services added.

Disagreements During the Move

Conflicts can easily arise between you and the moving company. You should understand how to handle a dispute with your mover just in case one occurs.

When you argue with your mover company, the movers must offer you a dispute settlement program that arranges settling loss or damage claims.

Get Confirmation and Verification

Your schedule is important, and therefore movers should respect it. As a client of a moving company, you can request that the moving company confirm their availability for your pickup and delivery dates.

Your rights as a customer do not end with a schedule confirmation. Your rights also extend to the weight of your shipment.

To verify the weight of your shipment, you are allowed to monitor your shipment as it is being weighed.  In the event that concerns about the weight of your shipment occur, you have the ability to request that your shipment be re-weighed.

You need to know and understand your rights as a consumer when choosing a mover. These rights are presented in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

We at Gainesville Mover comply with the FMCSA and aim to make sure that our customers are not only satisfied but that their rights are protected.

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