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Organizing Your Kitchen After a Move

Unpacking Your Kitchen After a Gainesville Move

When you are in the middle of the Gainesville moving process, often the most basic steps will go a long way in making your new space feel like home. That is why it might be helpful to begin unpacking your kitchen soon after you arrive. Not only is the kitchen a staple in your home, but having access to dishware will help you save money on meals during your first days in your new house. Even if you don’t have time to cook lavish meals, you will have the tools necessary to make sandwiches, or if nothing else, you can use real plates when you order pizza.

Start with the Basics

There are several main categories of kitchen items that take priority. After your Gainesville movers leave, begin by locating the boxes that go in the kitchen. Then determine spaces to place the items you use the most according to their function. For example, consider placing cups near the refrigerator and if you have children, place plastic cups on a lower shelf near the fridge. Plates and bowls can be stored in the cabinet above your dishwasher to make your task of unloading the dishwasher easier and silverware can go in a wide drawer.

Unpack Smaller Items

When your Gainesville moving company arrives with your belongings, you will notice that your smaller items will be relatively easy to find spaces for. You will need to access hot pads and pot holders quickly so it is beneficial to store them in a drawer next to your stove. Similarly, pots pans, and their corresponding lids can go in a cabinet or two near your stove. Put your dish towels and extra sponges near the sink while spices can be put in a cabinet close to where you will be prepping your food.

Ways to Maximize Your Space

As your movers Gainesville residents have recommended are unloading your boxes, you may quickly observe that your new kitchen does not have as much space as your last one. In this case, you will want to maximize the room you do have. Sort through your supplies and condense your belongings down to the items that you regularly use and then donate or sell the rest. Install a fixture onto the ceiling from which you can hang pots and pans and use hooks to hang small accessories on the inside of cabinet doors. Take advantage of magnets to organize your spices into magnetic containers on an open wall or on a cabinet drawer. Additionally, you can also attach additional shelving below or above existing shelves. Before you know it, your kitchen supplies will not only fit, but they will be well organized as well.

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