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Packing Techniques

Caught in the excitement of moving, you can be tempted to leap in and pack everything on your own. You need to be mindful of the fact some objects can pose health risks before you get carried away.

Additionally, you probably do not have all of the appropriate packing material. Chances are you own a bunch of things that need to be to be loaded and unloaded with caution.  Even the heftiest objects you own are not invincible.

For example, you should always pad weighty items before you do anything else with them when you are packing. Old newspapers and discarded box pieces do the trick as long as they are not wadded. Wadding them will only add weight inside the box and will not be protective.

Choose boxes that will hold the size and weight of your heaviest items to the maximum without breaking down. Movers advise packing heavy items individually so you do not overexert yourself when unpacking or unloading.

One way to test if your box is adequate is to listen for slipping sounds that indicate the item is sliding around. If the item slides around, use a different box because sliding puts the item at risk for damage. You may need to double-pad the packed item by slipping it into a second box if this is unavoidable.

Ironically, the same techniques apply to fragile items. Because these items are much more delicate than heavy items, however, you should also add labels such as “fragile” and “this side up” to remind yourself to insert extra caution.

While you are labeling, you may consider marking all of your boxes with the name of the room their contents belong in. Doing so will help you unload and adjust into your new home quicker.

Objects that weigh more than 50 to 80 pounds often require a pallet (a floor-level platform) to provide a stable structure. Most professional movers would recommend hiring a moving company, such as Gainesville Moving, to handle these items.

Technology like computers and landline phones are vulnerable to breakage. They are also prone to sustaining damage due to environmental forces like rain and temperature.

For these reasons, we recommend saving technology for last when packing. This tip probably goes without saying because these items likely have some of your personal contact information stored in them.

Certain furniture pieces cannot be put into boxes. Regarding these items, we say “pad it and wrap it.”

Cover pieces with transfer blankets as necessary. Then wrap them in expansive plastic wrapping.

Because you will probably not be using the transfer blankets after you move, renting them will save you money.

Talk to a professional mover about special crating if you are moving expensive or sentimental art pieces. If you have a glass frame, pad it with bubble wrap and put an “X” mark with tape on the wrapping to hold it together in case it breaks apart.

Never mix items from different rooms into boxes for the sake of convenience when unloading, and remember Gainesville Mover Company is here to help with all your moving needs.


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