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The Best Way to Pack Up Your Bathroom

The Best Way to Pack Up Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the easiest rooms to pack up.

You switch the lights on in the bathroom. What do you see?

Maybe your bottles are neatly lined up in the medicine cabinet. Your towels are folded and hung on the rack, and the tile is perfectly spotless.

Or maybe half-empty tubes scatter your counter. Dirty clothes and balls of hair litter the floor, and you can barely see yourself in the mirror.

If your bathroom is similar to the latter description then moving it might seem daunting. In reality, the bathroom can be one of the easiest rooms to pack up.

The first and most important step is to commit. You will be surprised how quickly packing will go by once you start.

Once you have settled on packing the bathroom, start cleaning out your drawers and cabinets. Get rid of anything that is expired or nearly finished.

Do not keep bath products because you think you might use them in the future. If you have not used that face wash you bought two years ago, you probably never will.

Instead donate full products to local shelters. They always need toiletries for their occupants.

You will not only be saving yourself the hassle of hauling junk to your new home. You will also be doing something good for someone in need.

Consider throwing away old towels. Why would you need to keep a crusty old washcloth from ten years ago?

You are moving to a brand new house. Treat yourself to new towels if necessary.

Next move on to the bathroom décor, which includes any fragile items in the room. You should wrap them carefully, and place them in strong sturdy boxes labeled delicate.

When moving day comes, layer towels on top of delicate items inside the box for extra padding. Place the delicate boxes on the truck last.

Keep things you use daily in a separate container. Take them with you personally instead of giving them to the movers.

Too many movers forget to consider their immediate needs when packing. You do not want to spend fifteen minutes searching for teepee when you need to go.

Gainesville Mover recommends packing most of the necessities like toilet paper and toothpaste on the day of the move. Doing so will keep wet things from getting mildew.

If you need more assistance, consider hiring a moving company to help you get organized.  Gainesville Mover will make the transition easy and painless as you focus on your new home’s organization.

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