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Tips for Moving Wine and Liquor

How to Pack Wine and Liquor

Your Gainesville moving day is right around the corner, you’re packing up the last few items, and you realize you have a dilemma. You’re not sure you can safely transport your prized alcohol collection during your Gainesville move. Not to worry. Follow these tips and your bottles will arrive at your new home safe and sound.

Protect the Bottles

Packing bottles is always a concern, but this is especially true when you’re preparing to pack your favorite wine. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk of a broken bottle. Secure the lid with tape to prevent spills, wrap the bottle in bubble wrap, and tape in place. Follow up by wrapping the bottle in paper, tape securely, and place the bottle upright in a box.

Avoid Overloading the Boxes

An overloaded box filled with bottles is a recipe for disaster. You won’t make friends when Gainesville movers arrive and are forced to lift ridiculously heavy boxes. Then there’s the risk of the box breaking and dumping its fragile contents. Rather than deal with the mess, pack a few bottles in each box. Crates with slots for each bottle are ideal, minimizing the risk of broken bottles or injuries.

Be Careful When Stacking Boxes

Imagine taking every precautionary step only to discover the bottles broke thanks to someone placing a heavy box on the fragile content. Needless to say, at Gainesville Movers we know it is important to place boxes with alcohol in a secure place for transportation. Ideally, these boxes should be placed in the back of the moving van, ensuring nothing is stacked on top of them. When you arrive at your new home, check the boxes for any signs of damage or spills.

Packing your alcohol collection for transportation during a move is always a concern. However, you can spare yourself a lot of worry and money if you take the time to secure your collection. Make sure bottles are properly wrapped, don’t overload the boxes and place fragile boxes in a secure location. Gainesville Movers will also pack these items for you if you want to relieve your stress a little more. Take these steps and you’ll toast to the safe arrival of your prized alcohol collection.


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