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Tips for Unpacking in a Small Space

Unpacking in a small space can be difficult. For starters, you are exhausted from the moving process.

Once everything is in your new space, you are left with furniture and boxes in disarray. Plus, everything needs to be unpacked.

Gainesville Movers has some tips for you.

Downsize Before You Move

Before you begin packing, be prepared with plenty of boxes. You will need boxes for the items you move along with trash, recycling and donations.

The more you can sort through before you move, the less you have to deal with at your new home. This is one of those times when less is truly more.

Label Boxes

Be prepared to label boxes. Using a combination of color-coded stickers with a permanent marker is the best way to go.

Each room should be coded a different color for the speediest organization when you and your stuff gets to the new location. Label each box on the top and on at least two sides.

This should minimize the amount of box shifting you have to do to see what is at the bottom of a big pile of boxes.

Communicate With Your Movers

In a small space, it is important to situate your furniture where you want before the movers bring in the boxes. To do this, let them know that you want your furniture packed last and unpacked first.

Tell them that your new home is quite small, so they will understand that you need larger pieces of furniture arranged first. Otherwise, you will have to shift piles of boxes at your new location just to get your couch or bed or entertainment center properly placed.

Unpack Logically

While you are still at your old home, think about the things you will need when you first get to your new home.

You will be exhausted at the end of your day. You will most likely want to take a shower, be able to go to sleep with the least amount of trouble, maybe have a bite to eat, and be prepared for the next day.

You should have a box of bathroom necessities ready to go before you move. This should include a shower curtain and hooks, a few towels and any absolutely necessary toiletries. If you get your shower ready to use, then you can just slip in before your entire bathroom is unpacked.

Set up and make your bed. This way when your energy wanes you will be ready to sleep without wrestling with a fresh set of sheets when you’re at your most exhausted. If you’ve prepared the bathroom so you can take a shower, then you can just jump into bed after your shower.

Finally, focus on the kitchen. For most of us, the kitchen will have the biggest, bulkiest boxes.

If you unpack the boxes holding your big kitchen items like pots, pans and cooking bowls, then you will free up your space more quickly to unpack everything else.

Last Words

Remember to break down your boxes as you go along to give yourself more space with each unpacked box. We have more Gainesville Moving tips for you too!

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